Itinerary Page for Travel to Peru (Lima, Arequipa, Puno, and Cuzco)




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$43.50 Bus fare Omaha to KCI (half of total cost)




 I would just stay in the FLL airport for the day from 6:30am until my flight leaves at 5:11pm.



Travel day. Bus fare is only $43.50


$20.00 meals




 No activities planned for this day, travel day.




I would not arrive in Lima, Peru until 10:00 pm on this day so I would not have anything planned for this day.

$15.0 for meals


 This day is also a travel day.



At $14 per night, I would spend $84 for all 6 nights. This also includes breakfast each morning and would cover my entire stay in Lima.


















Breakfast is free at the hostel every morning.




 No more than $3.00 for lunch. Wouldn’t buy anything due to limited space.



















$12.00 for my dinner and drinks.























Visit Jockey Plaza, rated one of the best shopping experiences in Lima. I think in doing this I could get to see both the tourist aspects of Lima but also some local experiences as well.



After visit shops, I would go back to spend the remainder of my day hanging out at the park, Miraflores Central, which is right across the street from my Hostel. I would try to walk as much as I can but would have to take taxis or local bus transport as well.





I would eat as close to the Hostel as I can most nights. Night one I would eat at El Tayta, just a short 10-minute walk away from where I am staying. This is a somewhat fancy restaurant and would be a little more expensive.























$10.00 includes lunch













$2.00 dinner


 Free breakfast at hostel







This tour would take up most of the day. Sightseeing throughout Lima




 Referring to the local map of restaurants near my hostel (in image on previous day) I would just walk across the street to try Peruvian McDonalds. I have heard so many stories about foreign places and differences in menus, so I would have to try it.















 $9.50 taxi to museum/back to hostel







 $9 to visit the museum









 $2.00 dinner




Breakfast is free at hostel.






Take a trip to historic Larco Museum. I would get to se some of Peru’s finest collections from ancient Peru. After viewing the museum, I would stay in Lima’s main square to have a look at the nation’s capital.




After a long day, I would once again stay local and try the Peruvian KFC to see changes in this American chain as well.






$2.50 for lunch















$5.00 for dinner































 Show costs $6.00
































Free breakfast at the hostel











Visit the Parque John F. Kennedy. This day would be much slower paced and kind of relaxing. This is the other park within walking distance of my hostel and I could spend a large portion of the day soaking in the culture around me (yes, I know the image is the same. Just using it as a reference). At some point, will walk to the Supermarket near the park to pick up some fresh produce for lunch.







I would catch dinner before going to see the show at night. O Sole Mio serves Italian style foods, so I would just have some pizza and wine before the show.








At night, I would catch a local showing to see some of the Lima culture in art/show. The reviews of these shows are amazing, and this would be something very local to support.












Taxi $4.00





Lunch $4.00



Bike rental $9.00









Dinner $15.00

Breakfast at hotel






For my last day in Lima, I would a trip to the pier, Malecon, to admire not only the ocean, but also the boardwalk and all it is home to. I would most likely rent a bicycle to travel it faster, costing 30S or $9.00 for three-hours. I would take a taxi from Miraflores to the pier, which would cost no more than $4.00. I would grab lunch from one of the stops along the boardwalk and just enjoy the views.






For dinner, I would dine at Panchita, known for great Peruvian food and not terribly priced. Pork chops with rice and beans costs $10.00, plus I would have a drink to enjoy my last night in Lima. Would not have a busy night, due to having to travel for 16 hours the next day.













$31.90 bus fare to Arequipa




Breakfast is free at the hotel before leaving.



This day would be for travel and getting to Arequipa successfully. Bus trip takes about 16 hours. Would leave Lima at 7:30am and arrive in Arequipa at 11:00pm







At $6 per night, I would be looking at spending only $30 for my entire stay in Arequipa. This comes with breakfast each morning.




Free trip around the city.








Grab lunch for $2.00






























 Dinner $2.50



Breakfast at hotel.





Day 1 would be a somewhat easy day after such a long bus-trip to Arequipa. I would walk from the hostel to the Historic Centre of Arequipa and see the main market. After viewing the shops within the market, I will see the Compania Church and the Santa Catalina Monastery.









For dinner I would make my way to El Pio Pio to eat some traditional Peruvian food. They offer take out if it is too busy, but the reviews on their rotisserie chicken are very good and very inexpensive. I would not be out late to prep for the long day tomorrow at Colca Canyon.










 $35.00 for full day trip

























Dinner $3.50

Breakfast at the hotel


Visit Colca Canyon to see the beauty of Peru and what the mountains have to offer. There are many wild animals but most famous for the condors that will be around during the trip. This trip also offers views of the deepest part of the canyon.




This trip includes a meal and will take about 16 hours, with pick up time at 3am and we would get back around 7pm.



 As for after the trip, I will probably eat somewhere local again and go to bed early after that long day.









 $15.00 tour includes lunch






































Food and drinks for dinner $15.00

Breakfast at hostel.





Visit la Mansion del Fundador-Mirabus and see the beauty of Misti Volcano. I am partial to the beauty behind the destruction of volcanoes and have never had the pleasure of visiting one. As much as I would love to take a tour up the volcano, this view will make do.











After the day trip to see Misti Volcano, I would return for a local night at El Ekeko. The reviews show this place to be similar to a U.S. Chile’s chain with a pretty fair price.










20S= $6.00 for a daily visit














































 Dinner $5.00










No cost for sight seeing at Plaza

 Breakfast at hotel.





The Museo Santuarious Andinos is a museum full of Incan artifacts and culture. The most famous, Juanita, was found frozen from the Ampato Volcano. She is one of the most bizarre preserved bodies because she still had muscle, blood, and hair all intact. This is only a 1-mile walk away from the hostel.



For dinner I would eat at La Pizzeria de la Nonna. It is a local pizzeria and for cheap, I could relax and eat here.






A night out on the town after dinner, marveling at the beauty of the downtown plaza in Arequipa for my last night here.


















































$29.00 bus fare from Arequipa to Puno


















$4.00 for dinner, $10.00 for drinks all night.


Free breakfast in hostel before departing for Puno.





This trip will go from 8:30am to about 3:00pm so for the most part, a travel day. When I arrive in Puno I will check in at the hostel and then walk to the local parks to sight see a little. There are two parks, Parque de Las Aguas and Parque Jose Carlos Mariategui, within walking distance of me.








For dinner I would go to El Establo, a local restaurant that is just down the block from my hostel. They are well reviewed for large portions and reasonable prices, especially for their chicken. They also hve a decent bar scene at night, so I would be able to catch some local night life.



At $7 per night, I would arrive mid-day on Sunday, June 16th and stay that night and the night of June 17th and head to Cuzco on June 18th.





$20.00 all day














$20.00 dinner/cocktails


Breakfast at hostel


Depart for Lake Titicaca at 7:15am to begin our tour. Tour consists of a boat trip to the Floating Islands of the Uros and a trip to the Island of Taquille. On Taquille, I am fed lunch and able to walk the beautiful beaches, as well as soak in some local culture. After lunch, we depart around the lake and return to the hotel at 5:00pm.




 This day is my 25th birthday, so at night I am going to enjoy myself. I would go to Mojsa Restaurant, which is rated one of the top restaurants in Puno. They are raved for their cocktails, as well as creative local dishes. I wouldn’t stay out too late because he next day I travel to Cuzco.














 For $29.00 I can travel to Cuzco from Puno
















Diner would be around $8.00



Breakfast at the hostel






The bus trip leaves at 8:00am and arrives around 2:30pm in Cuzco. Upon arrival, I would check in to the hostel here in Cuzco.



After relaxing from the travel, would go to Kusikuy Restaurant, which is located very close to hostel. They are reasonably priced, and reviews are great. Would probably get Huevos rancheros and a soup for dinner.





At $7 per night, this whole stay in Cuzco would cost be $42.00. This includes breakfast each morning.












Lunch $4.00















$25.00 to visit the Museo del Chocolate and make my own chocolate






















$6.00 for dinner meal

Free Breakfast at hostel






 For the first day I would just sightsee around the city. There is a plaza very close to where I am staying so I would just go there and see local life. I would also check into local museums to see more culture in-depth. Would grab lunch from local place, no more than $4.00.




After lunch, would travel to Museo del Chocolate and indulge in some self-made chocolates! For the afternoon it runs $25.00.





 For dinner I would go to Jack’s Café, a local American-Australian Restaurant. I picked this place because I have never had Australian style food but would love to try it and see how Peruvian’s make this style of food. Good reviews on most café type foods, would probably get a grilled cheese and fries.









 No cost for sight seeing



 $3.00 for lunch












$2.00 for dinner

Breakfast at hostel



Go to visit the Plaza de Armas, the hub of Cuzco. After reading, there is not a whole lot going on as far as shops and things here, but the view of the historic town sells itself. Grab lunch from a small place in town for cheap.


After lunch, I would go visit the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, a historic cathedral which was Cuzco’s first cathedral. From here I would go back and relax for the night because tomorrow, I do a Michu Picchu tour and will need to be well rested. Probably snag dinner from local restaurant, Antojitos is very cheap.









Bus to/from Machu Picchu town is $19.00.







Machu Picchu guided tour is $131.70.








$5.00 for lunch











$2.00 for dinner





Free breakfast at the hostel




I would leave relatively early to be there at a good time.


Yes, this is an expensive guided tour, but this is one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Peru. If I am doing the Machu Picchu trip, I am doing it correctly. Does not come with a lunch at Aguas Calientes, would need to either buy something there or bring lunch with me. Would most likely buy there so nothing spoils. Then take trip back into Cuzco.



After getting back from a long day, I would walk to Antojitos, a local restaurant for dinner. Very cheap food, with good reviews on fried chicken and rice. I know I had been here once before but there are no bad reviews, plus who doesn’t like great cheap food!






No cost for sight seeing



























 Lunch $4.00






Dinner $6.00



Breakfast at the hostel.



Leave early to hike what would most likely be the most difficult part of my trip. To appreciate the Incan heritage of Sacsayhuaman, reviews say you need to walk it, not take a bus/car. The trip is accessible from Plaza de Armas and I would walk it to truly soak in the Incan Ruins and their beauty.



This is a must view on the way down from Sacsayhuaman, Barrio de San Blas. Well known for the craft shops within, I may grab my only Peruvian souvenir from here. I would also grab lunch while here.



For dinner I would go to Quinta Eulalia. They are best known for local Peruvian food and HUGE portions. Knowing this going in, I would order something small since I would be by myself.





 No cost for being in San Pedro Market.







 Lunch $2.50













Dinner $10.00

Free breakfast at the hostel.



For my last day, I want to truly see the city of Cuzco in full swing. What better way to do it then going to San Pedro Market, a market that spans for a quarter of the entire city. Vendors here bring fresh produce as well as street food vendors. The colors in the image are beautiful and speak volumes of the small produce stands we see here, even in Nebraska. Would enjoy lunch here for very cheap/snack on fresh produce throughout the afternoon.




I would close out my visit in Cuzco by eating my favorite food, pizza. There is a local pizza shop, La Pizza Carlo, just down the street from the hostel. The reviews of this “hole-in-the-wall” are unreal, with amazing service and better food. Would just enjoy the






 $5.00 taxi ride to Cusco Terminal




 $10.00 for food wherever the bus makes stops at


Free breakfast at the hostel


For the time between checking out of the hostel and waiting to take a taxi to Cusco terminal, I would just enjoy the city one last time. Maybe go back to local park for the morning.


I would then leave to catch bus back to Lima, which will take until tomorrow morning to get there. Travel day. Would most likely stop somewhere for both lunch and dinner





$15.00 total for meals

Arrive back in Lima, will stay all day as close to airport as possible. All meals for this day will be as cheap as possible. No activities planned for this day













Bus fare is only half of this, but this is from Greyhound back to Omaha.


$43.50 bus fare to Omaha


Would grab breakfast in Fort Lauderdale, $5.00. Would get lunch in Kansas City, $7.00








Cost Totals

Transportation (Air/Ground)

Cost of Activities


Food est.

Total Cost






Trey Mumma 04/23/2019