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Include pictures, and at least one panorama image, and a webcam image from two different times.


1.     Landscapes

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2.     Cities

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1 Landscapes

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the top tourist spot in Peru and for good reason. It is an Incan citadel placed in the Andes Mountain range that was abandoned. The buildings are highly known for the stone walls that used massive blocks of stone and fused them together, but with no mortar between them.  In this image, this woman looks empowered, as if she is a ruler looking over her village. The pure mass of the Andes mountain range hangs in the background, while the village overlooks the forest beneath it.

Moray Ruins

The Moray Ruins are located in Cusco and just looking at them, you can see its beauty. The ruins consist of Incan decent and show mostly those large, circular rings, like the ones in the image. Some of these rings go down as far as 30 meters, which brings the only question I can think of, how did people in this time frame build and create some of these miraculous ruins with the tools and little knowledge they had? I think the symmetry of the rings and how perfectly crafted they are is remarkable.

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon lies on the outside of Arequipa and is one of the worlds deepest canyons. The Colca River runs throughout the canyon along with villages and green valleys. I see what looks like crops fields from above, just like when I have been in a plane flying over Nebraska. The layering of the canyon almost doesn’t look real, but drawn line after line.

Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountain range is one of the world’s longest mountain ranges. Within this mountain range you will find volcanoes, deserts, lakes, glaciers, and forests. It’s highest point, Aconcagua, is located in Argentina and is the highest point in the Southern and Western hemispheres. This picture is from a flight above the mountain range, which at its peak is 22,841 feet. I think this truly shows the ranges massive size because this plane is so far away, yet the mountain still looks so towering.

2 Cities


Cusco is the second largest city in Peru. This image is full of local farmers who have brought their produce to the city to sell. The vibrant colors are what caught my eye with all of the yellow and orange produce, as well as pinks and reds scattered throughout. The cobblestone road and wheelbarrows holding the fruit shows the poverty within the area. The buildings look very run-down on the left side and in the background of the image is the Andes Mountains.


This is the capital of Peru, Lima. This city consists of millions of people which, here in the epicenter of the city looks to be the middle of a work day. Local businesses line the city with people walking to and from. I noticed many people to be wearing white shirts, which although I am not sure why, I can assume it is maybe the business standard color shirt to wear to work. It seems much more casual as there are not any suits and ties within the image I can see.


The cars in the lower half of the image remind me of a busy New York City picture, with all the hustle and bustle in the background. Except NYC does not have a massive volcano in its background and palm trees in the middle of its city. Arequipo is considered one of the most dangerous places to live because of the volcanic activity, yet people clearly go about their day as if nothing is wrong. This looks like a normal city night, with people walking outside and driving on the road, the lights are so clear and white, while in the background lies potentially what could wipe out the entire city.


Iquitos is the worlds largest city that cannot be reached by road. I used this image because it has multiple images within to show the uniqueness of this city. The top two images show rivers that run through what looks like neighborhoods and the people within them built there homes directly on. The bottom two images show finished roads that have been paved with stores lining the sides of the streets and people driving bikes in them. To think that a major city cannot be reached by road, but has roads running throughout is what drew me to this image.

3 Landmarks

Machu Picchu

This image of Machu Picchu shows a different angle than the previous. Machu Picchu is the top destination in Peru and the reason is in the picture. The detail of the large stone walls on the right side of the image is clear, yet how was it held together? The cliffs on the land side of the image looking down over the mountain, but again raise my question of how were these large steps made? The pure mass of this at the altitude the Machu Picchu sits at is incredible.

Gocta Falls

Gocta Falls is a beautiful waterfall that measures over 700 meters high! This image looks like something out of the movie Avatar, and it is very clear why. With multiple waterfalls in the background, much smaller than Gocta, this really shows the size and length of Gocta Falls. The top drop is the smaller of the two, but the bottom drop is over 500 meters.

Chan Chan Ruins

The Chan Chan ruins are another Incan mystery. These very large, very symmetrically cut diamond shapes. I see a maze throughout this image, between the cuts it looks like a path or almost a sidewalk.

Rainbow Mountains

Rainbow Mountain is part of the Andes Mountain range, but this part is different. The mineral composition of this mountain is what gives it such beautiful colors. The composition consists of red clay, mud, sand, sandstone, claystone, marls, and quartzone. This image shows the dry, desert aspect of the Andes Mountains, only one part of the massive range. This woman is looking out over the range from what looks like up on a hill.

4 Images of People

Traditional Women

These women are in traditional dress and appear to be dancing probably for work. They all are in similar dress, with long sleeve tops and long, colorful dresses. They wear sandals as their dance shoes, that appear to be made locally. They are also holding something in their right hand only, some sort of feathered stick. They each have a different hat on, some colorful and some white.

Traditional Street Dance

This image shows the beautiful array of colors and designs in traditional dress. The vibrant patterns are accompanied by a red jacket or blue jacket in the image. Everyone has on the same sandals and thick socks. This dance appears to be in some sort of celebration or maybe in honor of something. Everyone is so focused in doing their part of the dance, no matter young or old. The energy brought to this event is beautiful.

Traditional Children

These children are draped in traditional dress with beautiful colors and patterns. They are partnered with what I believe is an alpaca. They each appear so happy, with smiles all over each of their faces. This image to me just shows happiness, even if the animals face he/she appears to be smiling.

Cusco People

This image is very crowded and from a march in Cusco, Peru. Here you see people who have accommodated to city life, as they are not in traditional dress. These people have a wide range in their styles and how the dress, as well as the direction of people. In the front of the image it appears everyone is moving together, but as you peak to the back of the image, people are all turned the opposite way and staring at one something.

Webcam Images

Frozen Time Lapse Huarez

This is a stand-alone image from a 24-hour time lapse. This image is from today around 9:30 AM and is a beautiful Friday morning. You can truly see the mass of the mountains in the background, still capped with snow on the peaks. There is lots of green in front of the mountains and then the city lies in front of the forests. This reminds me of a city back in western Maryland, but the mountains are much bigger.

Storm Cam

This image was captured during what looks to be as a storm out over the water. There are some small rolling waves throughout the image and the image appears to be very cloudy. This would be from the wet lens and possibly some wind as well. While I do not have the exact time of this image, I would assume it was during the daytime since it is somewhat light out.

5 Images from the Book


“Peru is as complex as its most intricate and exquisite weavings. Festivals mark ancient rites, the urban vanguard beams innovation and nature brims with splendid diversity”


Submitted by Trey Mumma on 3.29.2019