Ground Transportation for Peru

Options for traveling within Peru for a 21-day period


1.     Car

2.     Train / Bus / Air

3.     Other Options

4.     Estimate of total ground travel expenses


Renting a car...

Renting a car would be my best option. It would cost roughly $8.80 per day and then the cost of gas. Plus, I could take whatever stuff I needed to take with me whenever I want to. The only issue I might run into is the mileage. If this is the case, maybe looing into just renting a car in whatever major cities I stay in.

Train / Bus / Air

My mass transit options are...


The metro system is by far the fastest way to travel, especially through the city. I could load an Adult Pass Card and keep funds on it the entire trip. As for visiting other cities, flying is somewhat expensive. Comparing the price of gas and driving a car instead of flying would likely be more ideal depending on distance. But to get to the major cities flying might make the most sense. Busses are more affordable than flying so that may be another option when going to different cities is to bus to each one.

Other options

For bike rentals, the only rentals I could find were for tours. This would be useful very short term but only if the tour was in my itinerary. Motorcycle rental could be something to do instead of renting a car, but I would not be able to carry much with me. The unlimited mileage is nice and looking into cost per day, this would only be about $5 per day.

Estimate of total ground travel expenses

I want to visit Lima, Cusco, and Quito. I also would like to look into going to the Galapagos for a day. Starting in Lima, I would rent a car there. I would take the trains throughout the city ad use busses to get around. This is cheaper than renting a car. At $.45 per trip, I could get around the city for less than $5 per day. Round-trip from Lima to Cusco would cost $114. Round trip flight from Lima to Quito is $105. Taxi prices vary in Cusco and I couldnít find exact rates, but it says this is the cheapest way to get around. Iím going to assume less than $5 per day just like in Lima. Local busses in Quito run for about $.25. I would not spend much time here, mostly just to go to the Galapagos.

So, for my total costs, travel expenses would be as follows:

Lima- $5 per day x 10 days in Lima = $50 at most

Cusco- $5 per day x 7 days in Cusco = $35 at most

Quito- $.25 bus fare x 3 days in Quito = $5 at most (if travelling a lot)

Lima to Cusco- bus round trip cost $114

Lima to Quito- flight round trip cost $105

Total cost = $309 roughly


Submitted by Trey Mumma on 3/8/2019.