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<H2>Personal Information</H2>


<P>I am from Baltimore, Maryland, where I grew up until I graduated high school and went away to college. After I did not like where I was at, both in school and in work, I moved myself to Omaha to live with my brother. I got a job with Nike almost immediately and have been with the company since. I plan to graduate from UNO with a Bachelorís degree in the Spring of 2020 and pursue a career selling pharmaceuticals.</P>




<P>I graduated from Perry Hall High School in 2012. I originally enrolled at West Virginia University for my college but transferred after my freshman year. I then moved to Nebraska where I went to Metropolitan Community College for a year and Southeast Community College in Lincoln. After being at Southeast for 1.5 years is when I decided to move back to Omaha to enroll at UNO.</P>



<P>My major is in Multidisciplinary studies with my focus areas being Geography, Gerontology, and Sociology.</P>


<h2>All my travels</h2>

<P>Due to moving from Baltimore to Omaha, I have driven through all the connecting states countless times. I drove to Golden, Colorado once to drop a friend off at college. I also played competitive baseball growing up and was lucky to travel to tournaments throughout the entire east coast. We played as far north as Cooperstown, as well as south down into South Carolina. I have also been lucky enough to attend a wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in 2015, and I took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico in 2016.</P>


<h2>Why I'm taking this class</h2>

<p>I am taking this class because it fits into my focus areaís criteria in my major for Geography. I am also taking this class because like most people, I enjoy travelling. I am hoping I find some useful information on the best times to travel, how to find good rates, as well as suggestions on maybe where to travel to.</p>


<h2>Assigned videos</h2>

<p>I have watched the first two assigned videos on DailyMotion.</p>



I agree to post all assignments for this course on the web for the professor and other students to view. </FONT>

<P>Submitted by Trey Mumma on 1/23/19.</p>